Jimmy Garvin Legacy Foundation


Booster Club

Thanks again to all of you who contributed your time and money last year. We at the Foundation understand that our supporters are the key to our success, and we deeply value your continued relationship with us. We’re working hard to fulfill our responsibilities as we begin our new summer program.  We anticipate great things from our students but    they will need your help more than ever. Please consider becoming a part of carrying on the great “Langston Legacy” with our students.   

The mission of the foundation is to prepare students for the challenges of golf but more importantly…life itself.  We provide a wonderful thought-provoking “Learning Center” where students have the extraordinary opportunity to improve their academic skills. Golf is the carrot, but Education is the Key. We are also devoted to the student’s social and emotional skill development which seems to have been lost in our community. We work very hard at helping  our students to  acquire those good old fashion traditional values of what is acceptable behaviors like integrity, honesty, respect, responsibly,  sportsmanship and much, much more to prepare them to become productive citizens.

To support these demanding responsibilities and exciting goal(s), we have created a Booster Club. We need you to not only sign up as a member but more importantly to become active members of the Booster Club.  Your paid membership is your voice at Booster Club meeting(s).  If you’ve ever wanted to be part of a solution – this is the time to join the Booster Club.

We understand (and share) the struggles we’re all facing in the recession, and we are not asking you to give beyond your means. We simply ask each of our friends to give what they can afford

The Booster Club plans to work closely with Jimmy Garvin Legacy Foundation  in order to raise needed scholarship funds for our students.  We cannot meet the needs of our students without you volunteering as a Booster to work at the events.  We need everyone’s help.  If your son or daughter participates (or plans to participate) in our program then you have an obligation to join and participate in the Booster Club today.  This is your opportunity to have a direct impact on the education of your child.  Our goal is to have 100% of our children’s parents participate in the Booster Club.

Thank you in advance for your time and any assistance you are able to provide. In the end, I truly believe there is no better place to invest than in the health, happiness, education and success of our children. So much is taught to our students through GOLF – discipline, team work, sportsmanship, and many more life lessons. I hope we can count on you to becoming a member of our important Booster Club. If you have questions about the Jimmy Garvin Legacy Foundation Booster Club; how to get involved; or volunteer opportunities, feel free to reach out to any of our Executive Board members or please come and join us at our next Booster Club meeting.  The Booster Club meets on the first Tuesday of every month at the Langston Golf Course at 7:00pm.  We look forward to seeing you at our meetings and working with you.



The Jimmy Garvin Legacy Foundation Booster Club