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The Interpretive Education Center at Marlton Golf Course

The Interpretive Education Center

The Interpretive Education Center at Langston begins with committed outstanding teachers and highly motivated students. The Faculty has impressive accomplishments in teaching.  All faculty members demonstrate and model best professional practices in teaching through course content and their own classroom practice of skills, knowledge, and dispositions required to be effective educators. The program has the necessary established prerequisite relationships with stakeholders and partnerships within the District of Columbia Public and Charter schools,  Howard University (Dr Marshall Banks, Department of Health, Human Performance and Leisure Studies)   and the University of the District of Columbia (Dr. John L. Slack, Department of Education).


The programs offers students a unique   world-class academic Online curriculum “Extralearning” with content in four core K-12 subject areas- English/language Arts/Reading, Math, Science and Social Studies which are  aligned to academic standards for all states.  The program has successfully integrated information technology into instructional practices. The faculty employs innovative communication strategies that increase student awareness of problems and solutions. The program relies on a number of procedures both formal and informal to obtain feedback and evaluation.

The center operates year around under the auspices of the Langston In the 21st Century Foundation.  The center has proven to be a wonderful thought-provoking and motivating “learning Center” for our students.  Many students for the first time in their life begin to experience extraordinary success in their studies becoming extremely excited about the learning process. We begin instructions where the student is not where he/she is supposed to be in school thus the student experiences immediately success.  We have found that the more success the student achieves at the Center, the more the student wants to continue to participate in the program.  Thus, as one’s self-motivation increase so does the improvement of their academic skill.   Jimmy Garvin says; “Golf is the Carrot, but Education is the Key”.

The Interpretive Education Center program is operationally sound with the necessary academic support required to present a quality program in terms of administration, faculty, supportive staff, computer lab, facilities and other such things required to conduct a quality program.  The program is in high demand for the reason that it is uniquely distinctive in that no other golf facilities provide this service for the District of Columbia students.  The extraordinary high quality of the program will prepare candidates for immediate entry into the workforce, the next level of education, specialized employment opportunities and life-long learning.

The Jimmy Garvin Legacy Foundation is constantly evaluating the program in an effort to identify essential ways to sustain continuous improvement in the quality and relevance of the program. Recently, we have created an aggressive recruitment program as well as an effective retention program that involves all the stakeholders including candidates, alumni, local schools, parents, and partnerships in the community. In the end, we hope you will encourage your child to take advantage of this exciting opportunity so that they too may be better prepared to be productive citizens in our community.


  • Coming Soon!!!   The Interpretive Education Center with Teachers and for Students!!