Jimmy Garvin Legacy Foundation


Following six years with the Marriott Corporation in Washington, DC and Tallahassee, Florida, Garvin was recruited by Golf Course Specialists to oversee the Langston Golf Course operation as General Manager. He took on the challenge of organizing a support staff to efficiently and effectively run this historic facility with dignity and pride. His mission, he felt, was to galvanize the presence of the facility in the minds of the contiguous Community through outreach and what better focal point than the Youth. 

The new challenge for Jimmy was to incorporate the business of golf into his repertoire of assets as he represented and presented his company’s vision to the community and city at large. Laboring with dedication, determination and hard work, an eleven year employer/employee relationship was culminated with the opportunity to participate in the ownership and management of Golf Course Specialist, Inc. Supported by his lovely wife, Lana, and his daughter, Nicole, Jimmy was able to buy into the endeavor and establish himself as an owner in the venture of his life. 

In a life guided by so many positive influences, the involvement of Bob Brock, then President of Golf Course Specialists, Inc., and for all of his years of maturation as an employee; his golf business mentor has had the most impact. During the eleven year employer/employee relationship, Bob took Jimmy under his wing as a supportive and loyal employee beyond the norm and felt that his offer of an ownership interest would be a just reward for Jimmy’s persistence and perseverance. From this merged business effort, The Langston Legacy Golf Corporation was born on April 1, 2000, and Garvin was named President.The Langston Legacy Golf Corporation was awarded the Langston Golf Course contract to create a new company highlighting the historic nature of the Langston Golf Course. In addition, to acknowledge his accomplishments, Golf Course Specialists established a scholarship at Howard University in the name of Jimmy Garvin. 

Ever the perfectionist, Garvin completed the United States Golf Teachers Federation (USGTF) instructional course in Port St. Lucia, Florida, gaining teaching status in 2000. With this new role, Garvin challenged himself to create a unique golfing experience for junior golfers. In collaboration with Dr. Marshall Banks, Professor of Physical Education and Recreation at Howard University as well as Chairman of the Board of Langston In The 21st Century, he co-founded the Langston Interpretive Education Center. The idea was conceived and fostered on the premise that all junior golfers participating in the various programs at Langston would first be challenged in the Education Center prior to any challenges met on the golf course.

To extend the reach of the educational component at Langston, Garvin formed a partnership with local schools to establishment satellite Education Centers. Embarking on a fundraising campaign to ensure the success of the Education Center, Garvin has hosted numerous junior and senior tournaments in the Washington area and on the island of the Grand Bahamas.

In compiling a biography, Jimmy is reflective in trying to pinpoint the most influential person whose impact he feels had the most influence on his life. It is for this reason, he has saved what he feels is the "Best for Last" as a final salute for all that he aspires to achieve, as well as what he might become. That person is Ms. Florence Jelks; the now retired Assistant Principal from his elementary school in Immokalee, Florida. At a time when the economic resources to support him and his siblings in their customary family environment were eroded, Ms. Jelks took Jimmy into her home. 

With a positive persistent attitude, dedication and a mind set to help others, Jimmy has realized unmeasured dreams, including being named President of Golf Course Specialists in 2007, and being inducted into the African American Golf Hall Of Fame in 2006.

Golf, once regarded as a privilege sport is undergoing a major metamorphosis and Garvin has had a major hand in its evolving access to youth in the Washington, DC area.

Jimmy Garvin is involved in a number of organizations and events that benefit the local and international community and has received numerous accolades, including receiving the Community Outreach Award and the Excellence in Education Award. Jimmy has created partnerships with Special Olympics, First Tee DC, Kids on Course Golf Program and sponsors an Annual No Cost International Golf Tournament. Jimmy provides summer jobs for youth and maintains the Interpretive Education Center, offering computerized educational materials for adults and students. 

To all junior golfers, Jimmy stresses his five "P's", Planning, Patience, Persistence, Preparation and Possibilities, and wherever he goes he always chants his motto, Golf is the Carrot but Education is the Key.